Monday, January 24, 2011

Snap Crackle Click Click! Official Photographer of the Wedding issss....?!

Lovely chicken mayo sandwiches I'm having...An everyday (or almost) staple carb-laden, protein-laden breakfast for champions...topped with fresh, crisp cucumber, lettuce and juice tomatos...a very rare of an occassion where you could get this delicacy, of which is different from our normal oil and santan infested Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Mee Goreng and the-Sweeter-the-Better that continues to become crowd favourites in Malaysian's Breakfast Arena.

Think clogged arteries, high blood pressure and obesity...

But then again, no harm having that oil and santan fix once in a while...of which the evil side of me greatly despairs for NASI LEMAK after having not eating it for more than months!

Sigh sigh sigh...

So it be said that this lovely piece of sandwich, with the skinned chicken filling and crispy vegans is merely a guilty conscious driven move? Makes perfect sense...

Coming back from these daily runtings...An email from Khalil Photography received brought me memories photographer-hunting rendevous. Oops, did I mention I've finally hired my wedding photographer?

I've received my engagement album last week. It had been after 3 months, but then again I was more than relieved that I finally received it after waiting. Though I was somewhat satisfied with the overall outcome, I do have a few comments on the album though. I felt that everything was a bit on the yellowish side,  but there are also a number of pictures where the editing was a tad too bright . However, I would say that the editing and photo-touching was commendable and natural. All in all, at a price of RM 800++ inclusive of 2 albums, I was pretty satisfied with the bargain.

So the hunt for a professional wedding photographer starts again. Being the analytical me when it comes to bargain + value hunting (sigh, if only I could put that to good use in my work), I've scouted and requested for quotations from more than 20 vendors! Some of the companies who already had 'names' and one or two extravagant clienteles went as high as RM 7000++ per event! Whopping geronimos! But you can't deny that they already have that edge in the art of photo-taking.

Scouting scouting scouting, I believe I've put in a manger of trouble to The Mum and Quad C, as they were my chaperones in choosing the best value-for-money photographer. I'm not a cheapskate, mind you. But I always have faith that if you don't have to pay for something that you don't need, why bother? (Thus, from here, you could sum up that I'm not much of a fan of Pre-Weds Photography)

The search seemed to start with nice pics online, yet ends with not-so-classy albums, with not-too-great picture composition...OR...great albums, great pics but...xxxtra costs! Woo~ And since The Fiance and I have mad a pack to share the photographer, so it's really up to me to choose what I deemed is best (budget wise, quality wise)

Finally, We met Khalil. During our weekend coffee sessions at Illy Espressemente, I had the serious urge (read urge, not itch) to contact him for a tete-a-tete. We were lucky he was in the area and he came. Half-Arab, Half-Malay...The guy came in shirts and jeans with a headband neatly tucking his long hair. He looks pretty determined. Carrying a sling bag (which does not bear his company brand, and he funnily apologises for that) he took out his albums...and then we were impressed...

Surprisingly coming from a science-based background, he took really artistic shots. Artistic, and paying attention to the intricate details.  And we were very much pleased with his professional photobook album quality and picture composition which was neatly done. Having trained under veteran pros, he had just started his business for a few years, and is still aggressively expanding his clientele. According to him, his charges are due to his profesional service, and that the complementary goods (i.e albums) are immaterial.

I believed the same too. After a long chat, we thanked him immensely, got our quotation (which was surely reasonable enough for the artistic work he does)...and I placed my bookings with him...after a few days after.

Why not immediately?

Well, its just the way I do things, love...

I wanted to make sure that when I come back home, I still have "the thrill" that lingers on you even after a few days have passed. That's what I call a "genuine thrill" ... :)


Some of his work:

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