Thursday, August 18, 2011


Aaaahhh...puasa... one of the best times of your life since that would be the ONLY time where everyone is strict enough to follow the "invicible" diet programme (read: terpaksa) which doesn't tempt them to find the best Nasi Lemak for breakfast and the best Nasi Campur with Ikan Bakar for lunch...(oh yes, I'm a rice person, if its not obvious enough :D)...

Doesn't that kill you?


But then again, the thing is with Puasa time that I pretty much regret is that I haven't had the highest energy to do anything after berbuka time. I'd probably flat out immediately after that...which is a no-no for me. Life's to short to be wasted on sleep...but adoi...macam mana ya?

With the wedding over, and immediately going into fasting month, my health checks haven't been looking THAT great... and so does my back-side too!

Ini baru kahwin, dah jadi mummy nanti macam mana? OMG...Blame it on the genes..sigh...

So my Raya resolution is too say NO! (or perhaps indulge jussssst a little bit) on the Rendang, Lemang, Ketupat...and my ultimate favourite: Homemade Kuah Kacang! Argghh sedapnya! Mak, kuah kacang satu please tahun ni! (perhaps I could get those at my utara makan kuah kacang x agaknya....)

Baru kata mau cut-down kan? Sigh..can't say no to Sin betul.....

Takper2....lepas raya ni...TLS, here I come! Tetiba rindu Spinning class Mr TC and his upbeat remix of Matchbox 20's 'Let's See How Far We've Come'...

But I believe the world is burning to the ground
Oh well, I guess we're gonna find out
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come

Well I believe it all is coming to an end
Oh well, I guess we're gonna pretend
Let's see how far we've come
Let's see how far we've come

Semangat sungguh!!!

Ok then, now it's work time. Toodles!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Buka Puasa

To me, Buka Puasa has always been a much looked forward occassion.
Why shouldn't it be? You've been starving yourself for approximately 13 hours! It's only fair the buka puasa menu should be no less than fantastic.

Being a newly wed, you constantly find yourself scratching your head..thinking of that same question everyday.

Hari ni nak masak apa?

Ahahaha...well, gone were the days where I actually eat out, since you already have another half who appreciates good home-cooked meal....(ahaha...mungkin sindrom baru kahwin...)

So this weekend, lets concoct something special!

What would it be? Kari Assam Fish w Butter Prawns macam last week?

Go ala2 thai style with Ikan 3 Rasa and Telur Bungkus?
Or kalau boring makan nasi, perhaps a simple Chicken Pot Pie with fresh Garden Salad would do...

Ahahah..think think think.....

God help me...Give me inspiration!!!!


I'm Officially Married!

Forgive me for not blogging...for seven months! Ahah...ever since I've opened a beauty blog (, been leaving this idle.

But nevertheless, I've pretty much made a vow to myself that I shall dilligently update this!
Since I'm now a Missus (gee, I'm still trying to get used to the "Puan" title), I believe I shall have so much to blog about!

Initially, I'm not one for personal blogs (macam ala-ala puji diri and syok sendiri), but then again, hey who cares? I'm not writing this for people...I'm pretty much rattling on my own...tak suka pun tak apa... But what matters is I'm writing for my loved hubby,  and cherish those special moments that have happened....

You don't just keep your wedding photos as your ONLY permanent memory...every precious memory should be kept...and this is what I'll be doing here onwards...

Ahah....makes me sane to let go of my un-professional side out once in a while...

So I now leave you with a sneak preview of my wedding photo...



Monday, January 24, 2011

Snap Crackle Click Click! Official Photographer of the Wedding issss....?!

Lovely chicken mayo sandwiches I'm having...An everyday (or almost) staple carb-laden, protein-laden breakfast for champions...topped with fresh, crisp cucumber, lettuce and juice tomatos...a very rare of an occassion where you could get this delicacy, of which is different from our normal oil and santan infested Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Mee Goreng and the-Sweeter-the-Better that continues to become crowd favourites in Malaysian's Breakfast Arena.

Think clogged arteries, high blood pressure and obesity...

But then again, no harm having that oil and santan fix once in a while...of which the evil side of me greatly despairs for NASI LEMAK after having not eating it for more than months!

Sigh sigh sigh...

So it be said that this lovely piece of sandwich, with the skinned chicken filling and crispy vegans is merely a guilty conscious driven move? Makes perfect sense...

Coming back from these daily runtings...An email from Khalil Photography received brought me memories photographer-hunting rendevous. Oops, did I mention I've finally hired my wedding photographer?

I've received my engagement album last week. It had been after 3 months, but then again I was more than relieved that I finally received it after waiting. Though I was somewhat satisfied with the overall outcome, I do have a few comments on the album though. I felt that everything was a bit on the yellowish side,  but there are also a number of pictures where the editing was a tad too bright . However, I would say that the editing and photo-touching was commendable and natural. All in all, at a price of RM 800++ inclusive of 2 albums, I was pretty satisfied with the bargain.

So the hunt for a professional wedding photographer starts again. Being the analytical me when it comes to bargain + value hunting (sigh, if only I could put that to good use in my work), I've scouted and requested for quotations from more than 20 vendors! Some of the companies who already had 'names' and one or two extravagant clienteles went as high as RM 7000++ per event! Whopping geronimos! But you can't deny that they already have that edge in the art of photo-taking.

Scouting scouting scouting, I believe I've put in a manger of trouble to The Mum and Quad C, as they were my chaperones in choosing the best value-for-money photographer. I'm not a cheapskate, mind you. But I always have faith that if you don't have to pay for something that you don't need, why bother? (Thus, from here, you could sum up that I'm not much of a fan of Pre-Weds Photography)

The search seemed to start with nice pics online, yet ends with not-so-classy albums, with not-too-great picture composition...OR...great albums, great pics but...xxxtra costs! Woo~ And since The Fiance and I have mad a pack to share the photographer, so it's really up to me to choose what I deemed is best (budget wise, quality wise)

Finally, We met Khalil. During our weekend coffee sessions at Illy Espressemente, I had the serious urge (read urge, not itch) to contact him for a tete-a-tete. We were lucky he was in the area and he came. Half-Arab, Half-Malay...The guy came in shirts and jeans with a headband neatly tucking his long hair. He looks pretty determined. Carrying a sling bag (which does not bear his company brand, and he funnily apologises for that) he took out his albums...and then we were impressed...

Surprisingly coming from a science-based background, he took really artistic shots. Artistic, and paying attention to the intricate details.  And we were very much pleased with his professional photobook album quality and picture composition which was neatly done. Having trained under veteran pros, he had just started his business for a few years, and is still aggressively expanding his clientele. According to him, his charges are due to his profesional service, and that the complementary goods (i.e albums) are immaterial.

I believed the same too. After a long chat, we thanked him immensely, got our quotation (which was surely reasonable enough for the artistic work he does)...and I placed my bookings with him...after a few days after.

Why not immediately?

Well, its just the way I do things, love...

I wanted to make sure that when I come back home, I still have "the thrill" that lingers on you even after a few days have passed. That's what I call a "genuine thrill" ... :)


Some of his work:

Sunday, January 16, 2011


What a cold Monday morning...I reflected the moment I was this morning...squirming and struggling to get out of the bed...argh! I hate Mondays...(soo Cliche'...)...But once you're out of bed, you religiously criticise yourself on having to rush bathing, rush putting on make-up, rush to clean up your room...and the sight of Mom in her 'baju tidur' tercegat at my door this morning, waiting to tell me a scoop she had heard was a funny sight, yet I couldn't afford to take another minute to hear it, since at every inch of a second, KL roads starts to jam up at an exponential rate. So, be patient Mom, plenty of time to be hearing about it. (Hee~ :) )

As I drove on the bustling streets of KL at 640am past the Sungai Besi toll, my mind started to reconstruct on the progress of the wedding preps so far... (to go into that detail, I even made a Progress Report in my Excel Sheet...!) Then, memories of our kad shopping spree me n The Fiance went last Saturday.

The Fiance was highly attracted to the Pocket-Style Wedding Card...of which I thought it was a great idea actually. Simple but elegant. Initially I wanted a simpler and cheaper card but then I suddenly realised that it would be a shame to give a less-than-average card quality to my bosses and collegues and to make them think I'm such a cheapskate..but wait a minute! But happened to being on a budget? Don't worry, of course we're still sticking to that principle...

The budget was RM 1.10 per card. I thought it was impossible (since I asked around in Bangi and the vendors gave me a costing of RM 2.50 per pocket-style card...pricey!)

So via recommendation from a good collegue of mine, he encouraged me to go to Jalan Brunei off Jalan Pudu, where that's the Hub for Wedding Cards (according to reviews). Thus, via surfing online, I managed to contact a nice lady from Wedding Cards Provider.

Setting an appointment w her, I managed to drag The Fiance to the Wedding Card supplier last Saturday.

To be honest, the area was very much a busy area, but driving along the roads of Jalan Brunei, there were many Wedding Card vendors there. The lady (aishah namanya) waited for us in front of a mamak restaurant, and she guided us to walk in between the shops (this was a scary part actually, imagining you don't exactly know your locations, thus no one would know where you are if something happens to you!), But then, we came across a wedding card producing factory, of which the office was located on top of it...small, yet comfy and sufficient.

True enough, we went "rambang mata" with all the choices that the company provided. Everything under the sun, mind you...Hard cover, embossed, debossed, hot-stamping...that was the day I actually learnt a great many terms!

And we actually managed to get pocket style wedding cards (2 inlays + pocket + envelope) for just RM 1...


I could tell that The Fiance was more than happy to be getting a good deal..not good, great! And proud of the Brunette's efficiency (though of course as an Alpha Male, he would not admit it hee~)

So technically, this is how our cards are going to turn out...but this is just samples of the real colour. The real ones have a different design... and I'm basically happy we managed to squeeze our budget to get something of a good value... shweet!

My colour - Calm Gold with Silver Hot Stamping

Another sample

January Updates

I believe it has been almost a month since my last publishing! Stepping into 2011, peps in my office had came back looking great and relaxed, thanks to their 1-2-3 weeks rendevous' during December...of which made me realise that I haven't taken any holiday leaves since last October! Whewww...Time to plan for vocations in March, peoplea

Why March?

Annual Report 2010 has come into the picture again...

And the hot-headed brunette's currently dipping her head in the hot boiling water, running after dateslines...sigh...I wish that this Month stretches a bit longer...

Not to forget...July is stepping in pretty soon...Not counting June into the picture...I have about 5++ months of for my belief is to start early, I believe I have more than sufficient time to take care of everything, taking into account of a more-than-efficient Mom, a Bicep-y brother, a legs-of-steel little brother (who nearly broke my hand during our little fooling-around session of which I mischievously called him "sayang" and "baby"...of course I paid the price with my wrists becoming sore boohoo...) and an Orang-Minyak brother of whom Mom's fearing that someday he'll come back home carrying a basket of Keropok Lekor and Sata (Ganu Goodies) yang dikirim khas dari awek Terengganu...ho ho ho! That'll be the day!

Tonight's also a Bachelorette's Night for the Brunette, L and A... all nite long deft-defying musical treats for all 3 of! That should take my head of our stressful jobs...for a while...

Happy New Year! Pfffftttttttt!

Joy to the world...We've already ended 2010...though we're already in the midst of January, I believe its not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We've finally come into 2011...New Goals (as always), New Challenges (as always!)...New Spirits (as always!) So let's make it a better year compared to last year!

Yip Yip Yurray!!!!